Midnight sun over Reykjavik

Midnight sun over Reykjavik in Iceland

Natural wonders of Iceland

There are many things that impresses out tourists here in Iceland, the wonderful nature with it’s hot springs, awe inspiring waterfalls, ancient glaciers and otherworldly landscape, the culture, music, art and viking heritage, the whales, puffins and arctic fox. But it is not only the natural phenomenons on the land and in the sea that make Iceland stand out. We are also blessed with heavenly phenomena that attracts tourists from all over the world. During the dark winter months we have the sublime northern lights – aurora borealis and as the sun rises in the sky we are rewarded with the midnight sun during the summertime, peaking around the summer solstice (around the 20th of June).

The midnight sun

The midnight sun is something everyone has to experience at least once in a lifetime. So impressed with it where Led Zeppelin, after they visited Iceland back in 1970, that they referenced it in their song “Immigrant Song” (actually the whole song is about Iceland and Icelanders). Truly an experience you’ll never forget. For people not used to having the sun in the sky around the clock and daylight during the night it can be insomnia inducing, but luckily the hotels here offer rooms with blackout curtains.

Imagine taking a midnight walk along the shore or hiking in the beautiful Icelandic nature in the early hours of the morning in daylight. It’s a serene experience, with no one around, everyone asleep, humans and animals alike and you’re all alone surrounded by the delightful light of the midnight sun.

This time lapse of the summer solstice shows the midnight sun over Reykjavik in June 2013. Do check it out.

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